There are over 2.46 billion users on social media.
We can help you reach them.

Social Media - # 1 Create a Plan

The first step towards a strong social media presence is to create an overarching plan. At Dane & Lion we start with your current position, how you hope to use social media, your budget, and your general objectives. In this way, we ensure a solution that conforms to your particular business and that guarantees success. We always offer a free and non-committal assessment of your business so that we can evaluate your position and find out what opportunities your business can best utilize.

Social Media - # 2 Market Analysis

The next step is to get an in-depth market analysis. Here we look more closely at your company in relation to competitors, at your goals, and at your target audience. Based on the market analysis, we assess how we can optimize your company's social media presence.

Social media - # 3 The Project Takes Hold

The third step will address your activities and general presence on social media. Your activities might cover anything from advertising to posting video content to participating in relevant competitions. These activities can be adapted to your exact budget. A strong presence will result in greater attention and visibility in terms of likes, shares, and followers. It will also generate a stronger commitment from your customer group and thus a stronger bond between you, your company, and your customers.

Social Media - # 4 Optimization

The last step is optimization. At Dane & Lion, we focus on getting the most out of your online presence. We look at the benefits of social media and use this to optimize our efforts. This does not necessarily mean bigger financial investments, but instead an adaptation of the activities and advertising so that you get the best results.

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