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Dane & Lion collects and stores data about your behavior on through Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel, when you use our website. This data is used to analyze web traffic, to optimize your customer experience, and to create tailored advertisements. Your data is under no circumstances sold to third parties and will only be shared for efficiency purposes with your specific consent, such as is the case with our newsletter.


Dane & Lion uses cookies, which are text messages that will be saved and stored in your internet browser when you visit a website. We create tailored advertisements and website content based on the information and preferences that we have learned about you through your cookies. Further, we use them to optimize your general experience and functionality on the website. If you sign up for the newsletter, your data will also be shared with Mailchimp for the same purposes.

You control your own cookies and can always delete them. The way in which cookies are deleted depends on the browser that you are using. You can see how to delete cookies in every major browser available by clicking here.


When you sign up for the newsletter, use a contact formula, or comment on an article, we will store your shared data. Said data will not be automatically deleted and remains publicly available – securely stored on our website and within our database. You can always request to have your data deleted upon which it will be taken down.

When you sign up for our newsletter, you receive a newsletter a maximum of four times a month. Our newsletter covers topic such as the latest news in our field of work, the latest news at Dane & Lion, articles on digitalization, and general marketing and offers from our end. You can unsubscribe from our newsletter at any point in time after which we will no longer contact you for marketing purposes. Your data will then also be deleted subsequently.

Purpose and accounting

Data that is necessary for accounting purposes as well as information about which products and/or services you have purchased will remain saved for five years. This is in accordance with the Danish national law on accounting (jf. bogføringslovens § 10). After these five years all data will be deleted.

Requesting and deleting data

You can at any point in time request for a file containing all the data and information we have about you. Insofar as said data is not needed for accounting purposes, you can request to have it deleted after which we will delete it within a few days. Access to your data as well as requests to have your data deleted should be sent to

Last updated April 24, 2019

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