This graph illustrates Dania Bike's increase in traffic conversion and sales from the beginning of our collaboration in 2015.

Digital Consulting

The digital era is upon us and you either adapt or are swallowed up by those who do. Work with us to strengthen your digital presence and outpace your competitors. We combine your business objectives with our expertise and creativity to create strong digital outreach strategies that optimize digital engagement. It’s time to go digital.

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Data-Driven Digital Marketing

Whether you are looking to utilize current trends within marketing on search engines, to transform your social media presence into real growth, or convert potential customers into loyal customers using email, we’re the solution. It’s time to push digital boundaries, together.

Security First

As a business, it is crucial for one's digital success to have a relevant strategy that adapts to the fast-growing threat of cyber-attacks. Such attacks not only harm you but also your clients: protecting yourself not only protects you, the mere presence of security measures also make your visitors feel safe and more likely to become loyal customers. Let a company that puts security first, help you put security first.

GDPR Compliance

By implementing new policies of compliance with GDPR and providing both IT and legal assistance, we at Dane & Lion protect you and your clients. Whether you are looking for an audit an evaluation of current compliance, someone to handle all data and service agreements, or someone to draft and apply security, cookie, privacy, and data policies and systems, we're the solution.

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